Treat Your Skis & Boards

Treat Your Skis & Boards

They have served you well and been your best friend all winter.  Now it’s time to give them the vacation they deserve.

Bring your skis and boards into Sundance for their final tune and special treatment at our Wintersteiger spa. They will be lathered up with super soft storage wax and can be lovingly stowed for the summer right here at our shop. Your bases will thank you in the fall! 

Book with us now at $60 for skis and $65 for snowboards and get summer storage for only $15! Then pick them up in late August when we open again. 

We are here Tuesday to Friday 11am-6pm and  Saturday 10am-5pm. Just drop off and go, all of your paperwork will be logged through your order.

In August we'll strip off the summer wax and put on a fresh coat of wax at no charge. Your gear will love you back on your first trip of the season!