• | Russ Kelly

    The Evolution of Ski Patrol

    Since the beginning, ski patrol has and will continue to be one of the biggest parts of any ski resort. From ancient Monks rescuing lost travelers in the Alps to 2021 where drones are now joining the Aspen Mountain Rescue team. The will and desire to keep each other safe in the mountains will for... View Post
  • | Alexandra Messinis

    Treat Your Skis & Boards

    They have served you well and been your best friend all winter.  Now it’s time to give them the vacation they deserve. Bring your skis and boards into Sundance for their final tune and special treatment at our Wintersteiger spa. They will be lathered up with super soft storage wax and can be lovi... View Post
  • | Jennie Hughes

    Inclusivity in the Ski Industry

    A phrase many women in the snow sports community know all too well is “you’re pretty good for a girl” or “I can’t even do that”. These phrases are not the compliments some might think they are. Phrases like these imply low expectations simply based on gender, even without meaning to. The ski and ... View Post

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