Sundance has provided a place of community for many people over the years. The bonds that have been established because of the shop are one of a kind. Relationships have formed, best friends have been found, life lessons have been learned. Above all, Sundance promotes a sacred place for people to come together.
The people in your life create your identity, they leave marks on you that help shape who you are. The friendships that we cultivate push us to become more of who we are meant to be. The connections that we forge last a lifetime whether we are aware of it or not. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, push you, challenge you, and support you is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Working at Sundance gives you the opportunity to be around people that can provide you with those experiences. The energy is palpable. People who are drawn to Sundance are one of a kind. The underlying factor is that they are all like minded; ready to say “YES” to their next adventure. Radical people enter our store everyday with aspirations to be apart of something and feel connected and the employees are here to help facilitate that.

Our employees are the glue that holds this amazing company in place. They are the front line staff that greets you at the door, fits your boot, and convinces you that your snow dreams are just as achievable as Warren Millers. The staff at Sundance are as unique as they come. They are from all walks of life and all have their own distinct and quirky pasts. They vary from champion bike enthusiasts, engineers, world travellers, honour roll students. The alumni at Sundance have sprouted relationships that are full of memories that are incomparable. If the Sundance walls could talk, they would tell you that the people who enter the shop are some of the best people in the world (yes, we might be bias). I also can confidently say, they will out party you any day. Our community is filled with laughs, memories, and positive energy. The best part is that the fun restarts every season.

Sundance opens its arms every season to new and old friends. Our guests keep our ski shop in business. We are always happy to see the faces that come in the door year after year. Sundance is always looking to recruit new friends to join our amazing energy. Yet, society has trained us to keep others at arm's length. We separate ourselves with screens, walls, and excuses. Ironically, the thing that everyone wants most is connection.

We seek to find that moment that changes your perspective on the world. That one experience that alters our path for the better. That epiphanic moment of clarity that shakes our foundation. That one person that lights your soul on fire. Life doesn’t work unless you show up. This is your year to put down the phone grab your skis and be present. Your community is here. We will be waiting. You know where to find us. Say “YES” to the next adventure and we will be standing right beside you.