What to Look for in New Goggles This Season


With winter quickly approaching, some of us are looking to upgrade our gear. I highly recommend most skiers and riders invest in quality goggles this season. Over the last couple years of being a salesperson at Sundance, I’ve noticed that goggles are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in the skiing industry.

Safety is the number one priority when skiing, and goggles are essential for protecting our eyes. A good goggle will be able to protect you from any objects that may come in contact with your eyes while riding or while in a crash. Many goggles on the market hold their lenses in exclusively with magnets. Although this allows you to change lenses quickly, this is concerning since lenses may fall out of the frame during a crash. All of the goggles we carry at Sundance either secure their lenses with clips, or a combination of magnets and clips (Smith Mag Goggles).

The next most important component of a great goggle is the antifog. Once goggles build up with fog, it is nearly impossible to see any of your surroundings, and if you can't see you can't ski. All of the goggles we have in stock have an anti-fog system built into the lens. The lenses have microscopic ridges built on the inside so the moisture settles in the valleys of these ridges which allows the condensation to dissipate. 

Optics are very important as well. Most goggles Sundance carries use innovative technologies to improve your vision while skiing. Smith uses Chromapop, Oakley uses Prism, Poc uses Clarity, Scott uses Amplifier and Salomon uses Sigma. All these proprietary technologies are used to make colors more vibrant, bring more contrast into our vision, as well as enhance our ability to see shadows in low-light conditions. This is crucial since it is extremely hard to see the contour in the snow without these types of lenses.

Oakley Prizm Tech

Comfort is also very important when it comes to goggles. A high-end goggle will come with three layers of foam for comfort, moisture absorption, as well as longevity. Some goggles in the store also come in a low bridge variant. This means that the goggle has more foam around the nose to fill in a gap if necessary. 


So, if you're looking to update some of your gear this year, come into Sundance and try on some of the goggles we offer. We hope to see you out on the slopes!