OCT 20, 2022

Pre-Season Checklist

by Hudson Witzke

Getting ready for the upcoming ski and board season? Here’s a pre-season checklist to ensure that you are prepared for this years ski season!

The 2022/23 ski season is fast approaching folks! There’s still a couple more weeks before the resorts open up, so taking the time to make sure you’re ready for that first big dump of snow is crucial. Today we’re going to look at 4 things that you can do to ensure that you’re prepared for the upcoming season.

1. Double Check Your Kids' Ski Sizings

Properly sized equipment will greatly improve the quality of your ski season. It’s always important to double check the sizing of your skis and boots before you head out - especially if you have fast growing children. Skis for children and youth should be about chin height and be narrow underfoot. A great option for parents who are always buying new skis for the children is our kids trade in program. We guarantee a 50% trade-in value towards the purchase of new kid's equipment as long as you bought the original equipment from us. If your equipment is older than one year, or you bought it somewhere else, bring it into the shop and we'll give you a fair trade-in amount.

Come down to the shop for full details!

2. Check the Safety of Your Gear

Believe it or not, ski gear has a ‘best before’ date. It is a rule of thumb in the industry that helmets be replaced every 5 years. Helmets should also be replaced if they had any intense impacts in the past. The effectiveness of helmets reduce significantly after incurring impact and should be replaced immediately if the helmet has a high speed impact. 

Ski bindings are also a piece of equipment that have a ‘best before’ date. Bindings have springs and over time, these springs wear out. Binding manufacturers release a list each year detailing what which bindings are still safe to be used. Once bindings are removed from this list, ski shops can no longer service them. It’s important to make sure that your bindings are still approved by the manufacturer to ensure a safe and fun season.

3. Get Those Skis Tuned

Make sure you get your skis tuned up before you hit the slopes! Skis need a good tune and wax at the start of the season to ensure that they are performing their best. If you’re a casual skier, a good tune up will last you for the duration of the season. See the ‘service’ page on our website for more information.

4. Check Those Pre-Season Resort Deals

It’s common for resorts to offer early bird discounts for those who purchase their season pass early in the season. It could be beneficial to check the websites of your local resorts to see if they offer these deals. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the shop or pop by for a chat! Cheers to a safe and successful 2022/23 season!