All skiers know that warm feet while skiing are happy feet. One of the best ways to ensure that your feet are happy and as a result a great day on the slopes is a proper boot fit.

Boots that do not fit correctly can cause a myriad of issues.  Boots that are too tight in the toes will cut off circulation and cause cramping and freezing.  So, when your fitting your boots you toes should be close to the end but not jammed and you should be able to wiggle them. Your arch needs to be properly supported. Not all arches are the same. Some people have very flat feet and others have very high arches. You can adjust your arch support with different insoles. The best insole to use are Superfeet because their technology has managed to create different insoles to help you treat different needs your feet might need. The boot should also hold the heel in firmly, so there is no lifting in the heel and the foot stays firmly in place. Once the boot is done up there should not be any feeling of sloppiness around the foot or the calf and shin. There are many ways to adjust this with the clips and inserts. To recap the boot should be firmly in place without cutting off any circulation.

Once you have found a boot that more or less fits all of the above criteria then you can begin the minute adjustments to get a perfect fit. It's important to note that you do not have to wear super thick socks, a good pair of medium weight wool socks should keep your feet nice toasty for a great day of skiing. If you have poor circulation and investment in a pair of heated socks is definitely recommended.

Sundance is dedicated to getting you the perfect fit come in and talk to one of our Boot experts and we are sure you will be happy with the results.

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