• Swix #100 Sanding Paper (5 sheets)

Swix #100 Sanding Paper (5 sheets)

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There are many uses for sandpaper with skis and boards. For alpine, freeride, and boards the fine abrasive papers can be wrapped around a file and used to deburr and polish the edges. Sandpaper can be used to dull the edges at the tip and tail to reduce erradic handling of the skis and boards. Sandpaper can also be used after polyethylene repairs to the base to blend the repair into the base and add some texture (structure). It is also possible to sand the entire base surface of skis and boards to remove scratches and old oxidized material. However, deburring, or removing polyethylene microfiber, with Swix Fibertex is very important following base sanding.

Swix has selected silicon abrasives for its sandpaper. This very hard and sharp abrasive is best suited for working on bases and edges.