• Salomon Guardian MNC 13

Salomon Guardian MNC 13

Skin up, drop in, and shred it to pieces with the same absolute confidence you have in Salomon alpine bindings with the Salomon Guardian 13 Small Ski Bindings. Multi-Norm Certification means you can use AT boots that conform to ISO 9523 standards as well as ISO 5355 alpine and WTR (Walk To Ride) boots, whats not to like about that? The Salomon Guardian 13 Small Ski Bindings bindings continue with the wide platform, 26 mm stand height and double aluminum tube frame that have been killing it for adrenaline-seeking backcountry skiers for some time. The ski pole accessible Hike & Ride Switch means you can forget about taking your skis off to change from skin to ski mode.

  • Toe: U Power Toe – 90? pivot for optimal touring range of motion. Automatic Wing Adjustment – Automatic adjustment just by stepping-in. You can forget but nevertheless trust your binding! Adjustable Toe Piece Height – Overhead access. Simplified Base Plate – Reduces snowpack while in climbing mode. Sliding AFD – Anti-Friction Device enables reliable release and promotes maximum safety with touring boots.
  • Heel: Double Full Flex Baseplate – Increases downhill performance by improving rigidity and power transfer. Brakes are interchangeable with STH2 units
  • Tour Mode: Ski Pole Accessible Hike & Ride Switch – A quick, easy and convenient switch between skiing and hiking mode without having the remove the skis. Two Climbing Aid Positions
  • Boot Compatibility: MNC (Multi-Norm Certified) – Certified for use with ISO 5355 Alpine, ISO 9523 Alpine Touring, and WTR (Walk To Ride) boots. Boot Sole Compatibility Range (Size Small) – 265 - 320 mm
  • Additional Features: Oversized Platform – Wide footprint and double aluminum frame tubes create a super strong interface between boot and ski. Ensures maximum lateral power transmission. Low Profile Chassis – Low 31.5mm stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.
  • Ski Compatibility: We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.