• Salomon ALP. Boots QST PRO 100
  • Salomon ALP. Boots QST PRO 100

Salomon ALP. Boots QST PRO 100

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  • $529.99
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The Salomon QST Pro 100 is an excellent option for the intermediate to advanced skier looking to explore the mountain, with and without skis on their feet. The QST Pro 100 has a very lightweight feeling to it, while the Surelock Mechanism allows for easy walking and skinning, with the simple flip of a switch. The Endofit Tongue is free-flexing that has a natural and smooth flex to the shell. Salomons new Twinframe 2 Construction uses a stiffer, lightweight plastic on the sole of the boot that enhances responsiveness and control when you are skiing at faster speeds. The 360 Degree Custom Shell has the ability to be quickly customized by an Authorized Salomon Dealer by heating the shell in a special oven. Once the shell is warm enough, it is placed on your foot by a bootfitter. When the shell cools, it will adapt to the shape of your foot. A 24mm Oversized Pivot drives extra power to the edges of your skis for added control. If you want a lightweight boot that skis great on the way down, hikes up very easily, and can quickly be customized, the Salomon QST Pro 100 will be the perfect choice for you.

  • Best Fits Most Foot Shapes After the Molding Process and Medium to Narrow Leg Shapes
  • Twinframe 2 Construction
  • 360 Degree Custom Shell
  • Endofit Tongue
  • Waterproof Gusset
  • 24mm Oversized Pivot
  • 35mm Strap
  • Surelock Mechanism