• Marker SCHIZO 11

Marker SCHIZO 11

The Marker Schizo 11 is a great option for freestyle skiers or any skier trying to find the perfect mounting position on their skis. The Schizo system allows you to have 60mm of travel for the days when you want to spin in the park, ride switch or cruise the rest of the mountain. The Triple Pivot Light Toe reduces weight and has the trademark Marker Stainless Steel Gliding AFD which provides consistent release values, even with worn or dirty boot soles. The Hollow Linkage Heel also helps reduce weight while keeping you securely in your skis. If you want to find that perfect mounting position the Marker Schizo 11 is the perfect choice.

  • 60mm of Fore/Aft Travel
  • 25mm Stand Height
  • Triple Pivot Light Toe
  • Stainless Steel Gliding AFD
  • Hollow Linkage Heel
  • This Binding Ships on a Plastic Demo Board