• Head Three Boa

Head Three Boa

Charged with a medium flex and subtle forward lean the THREE BOA is a comfortable, relaxed boot to cruise. The boots Boa® Fit System and Wrap Strap make entry, exit and fastening a secure doddle, locked with the new Bootleg Strap. The customisable liner provides perfect fit and hold. You can push this boot to perform stress-free.Frequency Technology reduces weight and makes a boot more waterproof. Derived from running shoe technology its has a contemporary, clean look.

The Boa® Coiler is quick, comfortable and provides perfect closure. It is the fastest, most comfortable way to lace a boot with a spring-loaded lace that coils automatically.

The Wrap Strap brings a comfortable more secure hold without pressure points. A Boa® lace runs through the Wrap Strap for exact tightening and optimum calf hold. The Flylite represents the zenith of lightweight and comfortable soles. Weighing only 90 grams it features serious shock-absorbent EVA cushioning and full grip profile.A securing velcro strap under the BOA reel that keeps your tongue in place even after long time riding. For freeriding & freestyling