• DPS Wailer 112 Foundation

DPS Wailer 112 Foundation

Why tinker with a winning recipe that has transformed the powder and resort experience for so many? Because we are tinkerers at heart. We’ve drawn from our extensive Chassis R+D project and created a verifiable winner in the Foundation 112. It’s a brand new, ground up riff on the construction and shaping of the quiver classic Wailer 112RP2 that features a longer fore-body and new flex pattern.

  • Unidirectional carbon
  • Triaxial fiberglass
  • Newly designed bi-phase bamboo+poplar core
  • UHMW sidewalls
  • High graphite World Cup race bases
  • Ultra-durable textured polyamide top sheets
  • Dimensions:

  • 135 / 112 / 124 | Radius: 15m @184cm
  • Sizes:

  • 168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 190cm
  • Weight:

  • 2300g per ski average weight @ 190cm
  • 2110g per ski average weight @ 184cm
  • 1980g per ski average weight @ 178cm
  • 1840g per ski average weight @ 168cm