• Dalbello Panterra 100

Dalbello Panterra 100

Designed to excel on any medium to difficult terrain, Panterra?s versatile Hike/Ski + Walk Sole functionality excels at helping to get you to the top without sacrificing performance going down.Panterra models utilize similar performance technologies found in the Krypton 2 platformThe PANTERRA 100 is the top selling model in the series and was developed for advanced to expert all mountain skiers. Similar in construction to the Panterra 120, this model features Dalbellos 3 Piece Cabrio design for responsive and consistent flex with tenacious lateral and reward power. Contour 4 Fit Technology allows for easy entry with a close anatomic fit while the VFF Fit System adjusts forefoot width via the toe buckle. Innovative Center Balanced Rocker Stance Geometry centers the skiers body mass over the sweet spot of their skis for more power and control with less effort. Available with TRUFIT Performer fit system heat moldable innerboot with a more relaxed and versatile fit.

  • Last: 102/100 mm VVF
  • Flex: 120
  • SKI HIKE: Lightweight and compact, advanced function Hike/Ski control combines extended range of hiking/walking motion (Hike-mode), with solid, sensitive, and powerful ski control (SKI-mode)
  • Feature enhanced with 2 Position Flex Control
  • HY-GRIP RUBBER TOE/HEEL: High traction rubber compound toes & heels. Maximum traction, cushioning and anti-slip protection when walking or climbing.
  • VVF SYSTEM VARIABLE VOLUME FIT: Exclusive Dalbello Technology: Developed to permit skiers to regulate overall boot width - from a range of 100mm to 102mm - when closure tension on toe buckle is increased or decreased.Set it, and forget it. Once VVF has been set, Panterra models may be skied/put on/taken off using remaining 3 buckles.
  • DYNALINK: Dalbello Exclusive: Highly effective rearfoot closure system minimizes foot sliding, heel lift, and boot shell distortion for improved control and enhanced performance.
  • ADJUSTABLE CANTING: Permits skiers to align the lateral inclination of the upper cuff to the skiers leg. Outside Hinge Cant Using 5mm Hex Tool, rotate the mechanism clockwise, or counterclockwise, to align boot cuff to desired position.
  • RUBBER CLAD HIKE SOLE: Bi-Injection P.U toes/heels + Rubber Arch Clad (select models) provide durability, stability and traction while walking & climbing.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEEL INCLINATOR: Select Dalbello Panterra models feature an adjustable heel height mechanism. Raising or lowering the heel inside the boot can improve rearfoot and ankle comfort for some skiers. Changing foot angle also changes fore/aft balance which can improve ski response and turn initiation for some skiers.
  • MICRO BUCKLES: A SIMPLE TURN OF BUCKLE! Through the use of micrometer buckles easy to use, will be easier to customize our boots!