Fischer RC Pro 100 Thermoshape

Fischer RC Pro 100 Thermoshape

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Soft and comfortable but still with performance in its genes: the boot liner with Active Fit Zones stands out by being pleasant to wear with remarkable power transfer.


FOR A BETTER WALKING - ADAPTABLE WALK SOLES: Thanks to the rockered sole the new Walk Soles offer the best possible walking performance for Alpine boots. The soft profile ensures a better grip and it all comes with absolute safety and top performance. THE NEW LINER GENERATION: ACTIVE FIT ZONES: The Fischer Active Fit Zones Liner System (AFZ) with 2-component design technology actively supports the foot in three defined function zones. The result: more comfort and performance thanks to a perfect fit which adapts dynamically to the movements and the anatomy of the foot. SOMA-TEC - SAVE YOUR ENERGY: Thanks to SOMA-TEC the boots are extremely energy-saving and joint-friendly. The Fischer RC PRO-series ensures an ideal fit with optimum power transfer: the perfect boots for sporty skiers and a guarantee for a perfect fit in all piste conditions! ACTIVE FIT ZONES LINER - SOFT: Unique boot liner construction featuring 2K technology actively supports the foot in three defined function zones. Available in three different versions: HARD: larger Power Zone for the optimum power transfer MEDIUM: more comfort through larger Comfort Zone SOFT: optimum comfort thanks to large Comfort Zone. GRIP SOLE: Walking plates made of a softer plastic ensure better, safer grip and safe walking on icy surfaces. VACU-PLAST SPOILER: Spoiler made of VACU-PLAST. Fitting at 80C for the perfect shape of anatomy of the lower leg.
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